Website photos by Manuel Claros.

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Manuel Claros is a macro and infrared photographer living in Washington DC. His love for nature and people is captured in close-up encounters that transport viewers to the exact moment of the shot. Instagram: mdclaros

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Heidi Phelps is an artist and illustrator from Washington, D.C by way of Providence, RI. A graduate of the University of Kansas with an MA in French Literature, Phelps’ well of inspiration runs deep, with a definitive nod to France’s poets of the 19th and 20th centuries and an affinity for sewing pattern illustrations from the 1950s and 1960s, Victorian fashion and mourning costume, and the imagery surrounding current events and pop culture. Her art and graphic design work have been featured in the Guardian, Offbeat Bride, Bust 

Magazine, The Tempest, UCLA's FEM Magazine and in gallery shows along the East Coast. When she is not in the studio or showcasing her works, Heidi can occasionally be found behind a set of turntables as DJ Miss Align, hosting one of her successful deejay nights: Girlschool or Destination Venus. At home, she relaxes in the company of her husband, Erdem, and their neurotic but lovable cat, Lulu.

For more info, read about Heidi on her website or on D.C.'s Brightest Young Things.

Ernesto Zeleya (Spring) Underline Image

Ernesto Zeleya is a visual artist from Washington, DC. He began writing graffiti when he was 14-years old. His creative talents have contributed to numerous public murals throughout the city. He is a founding member of ART B.L.O.C. DC and serves as the Vice-President for the Double Down Kings graffiti crew.

Gean Carlos Martinez (Winter & Summer) Underline Image

Gean Carlos Martinez is a visual artist from the Dominican Republic. He immigrated to the US, and his early teens quickly gravitated toward graffiti art. An avid student of style Martinez has participated in dozens of public murals and served as an 

assistant artist to many of the District's most well-known muralists. Martinez serves as Sargent at Arms for the Double Down Kings graffiti crew.

Peter Cizmadia (Fall) Underline Image

Peter Cizmadia is a visual designer from Washington, DC. Cizmadia's work consists of brush and spray-can embellished paintings of the intricate stencils he cuts by hand. His work earned him a slot as a finalist for the National Park Service's Artist-in-Residence program in 2016. For more information, please visit Peter's website.

RKW Technik Studios (4 Seasons Mural & Unisex Bath Swan) Underline Image

RKW Technik Studios, est. in 1996, is helmed by Jas Heebner, a professional lifelong artist and musician currently residing in the DC area. Aside from painting, he is accomplished in graphic design, sculpture, music composition & the culinary arts. This is his third project with EatWell DC in which big, bold design was required. 

His ideas are consistently outside the box, bold, dynamic and evolving. For business contact: or visit

Cory L. Stowers (Art Coordinator) is a visual artist, educator, and activist from Washington, DC. He began writing in 1994 and co-founded The Double Down Kings graffiti crew. Stowers developed his skills under CERT and SMK two of the most influential graffiti writers from the DC area, during informal classes established along the District’s infamous Red Line in the late 1990s. There, he developed the form associated with applying large-scale designs onto walls. In the early 2000s, his work could be found in public spaces around the North West on productions he participated in as a member of several crews who were responsible for the installation of fourteen commissioned graffiti murals in the U Street/Shaw corridor.

During the same time, Stowers began his formal education in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Washington. He began his first stint as a program director in the non-profit sector, as Outreach Coordinator for Metro Teen AIDS, in 1998. There, he introduced the Writers Bench, an after school program that used the teaching of graffiti writing history and style as its core curriculum, a program which he later brought to several other area organizations including The Midnight Forum, Words Beats & Life Inc, and Guerilla Arts Ink.

Through his position as Art Director for Words Beats & Life, Stowers became involved with Murals DC, a city funded program geared towards engaging young graffiti writers to transition into sanctioned public art projects. Participating first as a lead artist, in 2008, and then as instructor, for 2009-2010, and finally project manager for the 2011 program. In all Stowers has participated in and managed the installation of over forty city commissioned murals and dozens of independently funded projects, as-well-as instructed and worked with over seven-hundred student artist throughout his fifteen-year career.

Stowers co-founded Art Under Pressure a retail and custom shop that quickly become an outlet for youth culture in the city. Through AUP, he reached out to the artist community, helping artists to create products and bring them to market, dealing in facets ranging from visual art, fashion, music, branding and publishing.202-360-1473

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